Foundland – Maria Mochnacz

Zone A, Wells Road/Firfield Street, Totterdown, Bristol


I would describe myself as an Artist/& Portrait Photographer working mainly with musicians  - I use 35ml film cameras & funny plastic cameras that are a bit hit & miss - I don’t use digital so it’s not an instant process.

I love experimental lo-fi techniques & to make the process of photographing people playful & collaborative. I’ve worked for over 30 years with musicians & bands on record sleeves/photo shoots/music videos/ & styling. My most well known work has been with P J Harvey with whom I’ve worked extensively. 

I have run artist talks & screenings/Q&As about my photography & video work and work as an occasional associate lecturer at UWE.

My personal artwork I would describe as being about accumulation & repetition - collecting & classifying methodically excavating frugal everyday materials. Although my friends might describe me as a hoarder! I’ve used newspapers & magazines as my main source material since I was at Art School (Coventry Polytechnic 1983-86 ). I have amassed a collection of 1000s of lost/discarded street objects.

The Museum of Totterdown is delighted to be able to show a small sample of Mochnacz’s collections in our inaugural exhibition at the shipping container sited on ‘Zone A’ Wells Road/Firfield Street, Totterdown.

The exhibition will run from Thursday 16th November to Saturday 25th

Artists Gallery