Alison Merry Art

Hillcrest Primary School, Cemetery Road



I’m a intuitive contemporary artist and fascinated by the emotional landscape within us and the natural landscape around us

Creating connects me to an energy and an exciting sense of exploration.

A perpetual changing of the seasons of life, nature and landscapes that form part of who we are and our place in the world.

My technique is happily and unapologetically rebellious. Mainly self taught I am free of formality and I create what feels right.

Each piece has multiple layers. Building and excavating. Sketching, scraping and sanding.

I use acrylic paints, inks, watercolours, pastels and other mixed media. Each painting is unique and takes on many thoughtful forms and unfolding

until it finds its completion.

In recent years I’ve taken a deeper dive into painting and now I love sharing my work with others.

I’m based in Portishead and recently exhibited at ArtPort with a specially commissioned  series of paintings inspired by Portishead Marina


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