Aaron Lock

ArtPark Gallery, 143 Wells Road, Totterdown. Bristol



Aaron Lock is a contemporary fine artist who uses a wide range of media to create haunting portraits. Using paint, chalk, charcoal, collage and other tools, Aaron creates autobiographical representations that explore themes of identity, psychology, consciousness and the human condition. Aaron's highly expressive portraits invite the viewer on a journey of introspection into the furthest reaches of the mind. An avid reader, Aaron takes inspiration and ideas from a wide range of literature in an attempt to make some sense of the world around us.
Born in Somerset, he studied art and photography in Weston-super-Mare before dropping out to spend the next ten years playing in various underground bands in Bristol. Taking the underground DIY ethics of the Bristol music scene and using it to promote his art, he has had exhibitions throughout the South West, provided artwork for releases by bands and indie record labels and sold work to collectors around the world.
At the end of 2022, Aaron set up a new studio in Wales and now lives and works in the Cardiff area. When he's not creating art, he works in charity that raises money to treat sick animals.


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