Leanne Winter Art

Charlton House, 28 School Road. Totterdown Bristol



As with many people, I had always loved art as a child and while growing up at school. I continued my formal artistic education at Brunel College in Bristol and continue to learn on a daily basis in the studio.

One of my earliest and fondest memories of junior school was running from assembly to be the first in the line before double art on a Tuesday morning, as I could not wait to continue working on what I had done the previous week.

I am a very visual person and my ideas tend to come from what I see around me. In everyday life - flicking through papers, watching TV, walking around town - images, compositions and colours can trigger chain reactions, sparking ideas for future paintings.

I am always finding torn out references from magazines or scraps of paper with notes and sketches made in moments of excitement and inspiration days or weeks ago, that serve as starting points for new work.

I continue to paint whenever I can.  Thankfully the work that I was producing seemed to resonate with people, and the confidence this gave me lead me to put my art in Cafes, Restaurants, Art Galleries and Bristol Art Trails.


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