The Star and Dove, 75-78 St Luke's Rd, Totterdown, Bristol



From having a quiet upbringing in the sleepy coastal town of Ilfracombe, Devon to moving to London to study Fine Art Mixed Media, Kya Beers has always been fascinated by the contrasts and dualities in life. Her gestural and expressionist style of mark making is heavily influenced by that of philosophical questions, yet recurrently demonstrated with a whimsical narrative; often expressed within the medium of acrylic, spray paint, and marker to gain a bold and striking look. She is currently evolving her practice with the use of oil paints. The element of challenge is a consistent driving force within the evolution of Beers’ artworks.

Finding humility within her practice, she understands the importance of growing and accepting oneself whilst also laughing about it. What a silly goose. Often inspired by her childhood, and that of 90s pop culture, Beers introduces a rhetorical undercurrent within her paintings, in hope to instigate conversations surrounding individual mental health. To aid this, she works also to spread positivity and excitement with the medium of spray painting to young children through charity-based community workshops.


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