Blueprint Productions

10 Crowndale Road, Bristol



I make a range of blueprints/ cyanotypes, in a contemporary distinctive style that I have developed over the last 10 years. My artwork has the distinctive blue tones associated with the process, but I also add acrylic inks to further enhance them. I will be selling blueprints that are hand made using a spinning table and look like a 12inch record. The record artworks can be personalised with the addition of your own record label with your favourite track/s. These blueprints make an ideal gift for anyone who loves original art and music. I will also be hand making cards and prints to order on the day from my distinctive bicycle trailer which will be set up in our living room. Finally I'll be selling a print called "Bristol Flyers For Charity" which raises money for the Bristol based mens mental health charity called TalkClub. This print can currently be seen on permanent display in the Arnolfini bar in central Bristol. The print contains over 60 music club/event flyers from the 80's and 90's. Please come and have a look it should be fun :)


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