Karen George Art

Totterdown Baptist Church, Wells Road


I am an artist based in High Littleton, near Bath. I started painting in 2009 after almost 20 years working as a Landscape Architect. ​I work predominantly in acrylic and mixed media and am best known for my semi abstract landscapes and seascapes with atmospheric skies inspired by those wild places that make me feel really alive.  Sketching forms the foundation of all my work; it allows me to embed a place in my mind. Looking back at the sketches take me right back to the time I did the sketch which in turn enables me to paint from within. When I paint I am recalling the sights, sounds and feelings I had when I was sketching.  I tend to use a limited palette and after developing an idea for a composition I let the painting evolve channelling the feelings the sketches have evoked.

As well as painting I run workshops and host the Artchatter podcast.

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