Kat Harvey

14 Windsor Terrace, Totterdown. Bristol



The collection is inspired by the Hundertwasser-Krawina House in Vienna which i visited just before the COVID epidemic.
The project was designed by the artist Friedenreich Hundertwasser and the arcitect Josef Krawina in 1985.
It consists of 16 private appartmets and 3 common terraces around a central courtyard.
The stairways and landings are decorated with mosaics and tiling. It is also where tenants can decorate the blank walls with their own artwork.
The facades are painted in primary colours of red, blue, yellow, white and grey giving the impression of a patchwork quilt. Each colour is a single dwelling. They are bordered by black and multi-coloured tiles. Different types and sizes of windows add to the effect. The facades are allowed to weather naturally. The facade fronting the courtyard is a replica of the original building.
The use of artificial keystones above some of the windows harks back to more traditional building techniques.
Many of the windows are surrounded by coloured borders in line with the artist's "window law" which allows every occupant to
"have the right to clear and, according to his or her individual taste, embellish the wall with paint and brush to a distance of an arm's length".
The decorative elements include figures, eagles and lions resembling the classical statutues in Ancient Roman villas. Towers have also been incorporated into the building often topped with onion shaped spires similar to those found in Russian architecture.
The pillars are not purely supportive but are another of the artist's decorative elements. The shapes and coloured tiles are reminiscent of the Minoan columns of Knossos.
Krawina also incorporated the old building material from the original demolished building on the site, such as bricks, broken tiles and even gravestones.
Finally, trees and shrubs have been incorporated onto the roof terraces and especially designed balconies. This gives the appearance that these plants are growing out of the building itself.



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