Louisa Jenkins

The Sundial Kitchen, 1 William Street



Graphic designer, Louisa, began MALETRAITS after originally painting her husband Matty. Creating a colourful, personal portrait to be hung in their first home in Totterdown. The reaction was pure joy from those who knew him – Smiling at the way that the “essence” of his character seemed to be perfectly captured. It was hung in their front room where Louisa happened to host at the Totterdown Arts Trail that same year. Again, smiles and warm conversation occurred – The man himself often being asked to make an appearance.

As a result, she was asked to paint other chaps and the requests, being a whole lot of males at the time, gave birth to the name MALETRAITS. Celebrating the subject’s glorious individual traits.

In recent times, other gender commissions have gladly been received and the gallery grows into a delightful assembly of humans.
Louisa is happiest when a snazzy jumper is included in the submitted photograph.

The naïve painting style offers alluring simplicity. Colourful pieces, never taking themselves too seriously. Where the heart of the art is to genuinely create a pocket of joy within the space that it’s hung.


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