Will Scott

Firfield Street



For my artwork I use a variety of mediums including acrylic markers, spraypaints, acrylic paint, fineliners and more. I specialise in lettering however also paint a wide range or styles including murals, characters and logos.

most of my pieces are painted on A3 canvas board or heavyweight paper. I also love to paint/draw on a variety of maps of different sizes, this is influenced from the graffiti and hip hop culture.

I have been drawing and sketching since I can remember and I found my true passion of graffiti and street art 4 years ago and work on this the majority of my spare time.

I love to make canvases of peoples names or chosen words with or without characters or cartoons to learn more about letter structure, 3d, colour and more.

some of my murals can be found on the trail including the gents hairdressers and farrows fish and chip shop both on wells road.

I am currently available and open to commissions wether it be a canvas, map, mural or even sketches. Feel free to drop me a message or reach out for a free quote and chat!

thanks and I look forward to seeing you on the trail!


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