Yay Rae Flay

123 Oxford street, Totterdown, Bristol



Yay Rae Flay jewellery is made to create a moment of fun and silliness for the wearer - bright colours, glitter and neon - a small reminder not to take life too seriously.

Each piece is carefully handmade in my home studio in Bristol. I hand draw all of my designs, and then turn them into CAD files ready for laser cutting. After zapping my preferred materials (acrylic and wood) with the laser beam, I then clean, polish and add further embellishments to the laser cut shapes before assembling the pieces into wearable art (a.k.a. jewellery!)

To make my business as sustainable as possible, I have spent the last few years experimenting with "zero waste" designs, and creating my own sheets of "recycled acrylic" using off-cut materials. I will have lots of "recycled acrylic" pieces for sale at the arts trail this year.


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