Participating in the Art Trail


This year, to help make the trail safe for everyone, we’ve introduced several measures.


The Totterdown Arts Trail encourages you to wear a mask and sanitise your hands regularly. Equally, bear in mind that the trail can get busy and some venues may have limitations on the number of people that can visit at one time.

Regardless of any other guidelines, playing it safe is always a good approach.


You decide how you control your venue. And you decide who’s house you visit. If you want to set a cap on visitors, set one. If you want to ask people to wear masks, ask them. If you want to shake hands with every person who walks in, shake them (with their permission too, of course)

It’s up to you to set your own rules, and up to you to manage them.


Anything that you can do to manage risks will help. We recommend that you complete a risk assessment and make adjustments as necessary. This may include cleaning more often, increasing ventilation, or asking people to check in with the NHS Test and Trace app (to name a few options!) Equally, this is for more than just Coronavirus, and is good practice for welcoming the public into a space you are running.


There is less risk of the virus spreading in outdoor spaces and larger spaces. There will be a number of community venues for you to visit on the trail, so do remember them too! Gone are the days of this only being a front room trail – perhaps you’ll put art in your windows? Your front garden? Your roof? Get creative with how you show your work!


Be kind and respect each other’s boundaries. Need we say any more? We’re all crossing the same ocean but we’re not all in the same boat. Everyone has their own limits and if someone feels different to you, respect that.


For almost 2 years now, the information and guidance has changed regularly. Sometimes, it’s hard to predict what the situation will be in the next few days, let alone months. Stay informed and aware of any changes in the guidance on local and national levels, and always defer to anything they say over what we say.


Finally (and most importantly!) whilst we would love to welcome you to the trail, DO NOT COME IF YOU HAVE A POSITIVE CORONAVIRUS CASE. If you are an exhibiting and can provide evidence of a positive case, you will receive a full refund. Testing regularly is the best way to know if you have it – BEFORE you’re symptomatic. Stay vigilant and if you’re unwell, stay away!

Info for Artists


There is no prior assessment of your work by our team. As long as you have a venue and have paid the membership fee, you can participate in the arts trail.

The registration fee entitles you to one listing, i.e one named artist. If there are multiple artists exhibiting at one address, they must each register separately. i.e. A group application only allows for one entry for the whole group in the map and one page for the group on the website, irrespective of the number of exhibiting members in the group. Anyone who wants a profile must register under their own name, not as a collective or studio.

All artists without a venue will be allocated one on a first come, first serve basis. If you’d like to approach other artists or residents yourself, then you are welcome to do so.

Registration will close on 18th October, so sign up now!

If you change your blurb or images please make us aware as we may have all ready copied and pasted it to our map.


The Trail is put together by a group of volunteers and we could always use an extra pair (or 10!) of creative hands. Please do get in touch if you have any spare time, materials or exceptional ideas to offer.

We also have a limited number of outdoors spaces available for large-scale works or installations. If your dreams exceed the confines of your living room, drop us a line and we’ll do our best to find you a prominent place for your installation.

Talk about the Trail! We really want to encourage all artists to talk about the Trail on their social media accounts. Every tweet, post and picture helps to bring more people to the Trail and into your living room.

To request more information go to our Contact Page

Credit: Anna Marrow (we need to contact for permission if we use)